Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I heart Wegmans.

It's true. I have a love affair with Danny Wegman.

Woah, Nelly! Let's back up a bit. Where's this coming from?

In my previous post I was whining about waiting for the FS and not knowing where my family would be in a year. I got a nice comment from Crystal (living in Kuwait) saying, "Enjoy the states as much as you can. I miss the U.S. now, especially the ability to get anything anytime of the day or night."

Well, have you heard of Wegmans? It is the best grocery store! And it started here in upstate NY. My friend who lives in London even asks to visit Wegmans as her first stop when she's here. They have nice produce, a great whole foods section, a bakery, flower shop, pharmacy, restaurant and more. All open 24 hours. And they give my kids a cookie every time we visit. Free. And they have a coffee shop and little holders that can attach the coffee to your cart as you shop, so you don't end up with coffee all over yourself while you're bagging up the Swiss chard.

So in the spirit of being thankful, there you have it. I heart Wegmans. In fact, I think I'll go today, maybe even right now...wanna come along? You'll love it too.


Jill said...

Oh yes... Wegman's was one of my FAVORITE grocery stores when we lived in NJ. I miss it... big sigh.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adored Crystal's advice in your comments section of your last post. It really hit me deeply. I wrote it in my journal - ziploc bags and birthday gifts in advance. That's great advice.

But we have no Wegman's here in Houston. We actually haven't had one anywhere I've been! So I'll have to *heart* Whole Foods instead! :)

Digger said...

There is a Wegman's here in the DC area, out near Dulles.

Crystal said...

Oh man, I wish we had a Wegman in Kuwait! We have Geant, Carre Four and LuLu's Hypermarket. Nothing compares to the U.S., though. Everything here is sooooo expensive. It is three and half to four times U.S. prices. Thank the U.S. Armed Forces for the APO!!!!!

I'll have to say I HEART fruit that is not full of mold or way over ripe. I found apples from Washington state and I near cried : ) Sure they cost a month's pay, but it was so worht it!

When do you think you will hear more as far as the FS? Your husband is waiting to hear what class he will be in? I hope you have more confirmation and information soon!

Daniela Swider said...

Yeah, Wegmans is awesome! We just moved to the DC area for A-100 and have become big fans after our first visit to the store.