Thursday, February 11, 2010

Driving the bus

I had a dream that I was a substitute bus driver. I had two kids left in the bus and I couldn't find their houses. I was driving up and down narrow one-way streets with that huge yellow bus, looking for their houses. I knew I was late and getting later by the minute. I was sure the parents would have called the police, thinking the kids had gone missing. I was becoming more and more frantic. Then I woke up. Sweating.

Any interpretations?


A Daring Adventure said...

I don't know... but it sure sounds like a dream filled with lots of anxiety.

Maybe you're just very stressed out right now and it's starting to spill into your subconscious?

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh, and one more thing.

You had asked me if I liked publishing with iweb and I had responded and told you a resounding yes.

Well, over the last few days I've been wading into trying to be able to comment on other State blogs and have realized that a VAST majority of them are on Blogger (like yours!). I'm starting to see that having a Blogger blog really makes is easy to connect with other State blogs and keep up with other blogs and help them keep up with you.

So I will say that yes, I do enjoy using iweb, HOWEVER, I feel that if you are looking for *connection* through your blogging, that you really might be using the absolute best thing already! I sort of feel like an outsider, not being on Blogger, you know?


Crystal said...

Yikes, I had dreams like that as well while waiting to find our where we would end up, FS or not. I'm sure it's overall anxiety. Waiting is the worst, my husband and i always said " If we only knew where we would be in a year, than.........." Enjoy the states as much as you can. I miss the U.S. now, especially the ability to get anything at anytime of the day or night ;)

I spent my time preparing even before we knew the FS was a sure thing. We too would have moved somewhere that is much sunnier and warmer than MI if the FS didn't work out. So, I guess I'd say buy ziplock bags, birthday gifts in advance to pack away, get skype and use it with family in the states prior to leaving, check out and buy many books in English if you are a reader : )

That is my two cents worth~
I love reading your posts, you are funny!!!!!