Friday, February 26, 2010

Being chicken

I posted something yesterday and then I chickened out, thinking I'd be judged. But I'm putting it back. Sorry to "anonymous", I think your comment got deleted when I did that.

Another snow day today. Off to the vet, with three kids in tow. Poor doggie is limping. Say good-bye to $250.


A Daring Adventure said...

Yay! I'm not crazy!!!

I can't use Blogger with my own blog (wah!), so I'm not very well versed in what Blogger can and can not do, and so when it told me you had posted and yet the page told me "page not found" when I clicked on it I was so upset!

How can it be Page Not Found!? Blogger says she posted!

So I'm just glad I'm not crazy and delusional. How nice!

Shannon said...

I second that Yay! I was in the process of posting a comment when the post vanished and I thought I was crazy. I am glad you put it back it is great post and I totally relate.

Digger said...

Just curious as to why you thought you'd be judged. For spending $250? Complaining about it?

FS, here we come! said...

A Daring Adventure and Shannon~
No, you're not crazy. Sorry for that!
No, I wasn't worried about the vet bill. It was in regard to my post "Snow day and selfish". I thought I would be judged for saying I didn't want to homeschool my kids. For saying that I wanted to have a life outside of the family's needs. I don't have any doubts about myself, but I didn't know if I should open myself up to others' judgements on my mothering.