Monday, February 8, 2010

0-72 in one hour

I feel terrible.

My nose is stuffy then moments later, runny. I am sneezy. Aching. Tired. My eyes are hot and watery. I am going through 72 tissues per hour. I sound like I am under water. Everyone else sounds like the parents in Charlie Brown, Waaht, waah, waaht waaht wat waah. I've got a plain 'ole cold. Nothing worse than being the sick parent with a cold and three happy, healthy kids running around waiting for excitement and thrills.

My husband is at a night school board meeting, I mean school bored meeting. He gets home after bed time. These meetings are every two weeks. I shouldn't begrudge it, but every time he has a night meeting, my 5 yr old daughter cries, "I miss Dada." I'm helping get all the homework done, doing the laundry, the dishes, making dinner, playing games, breaking up wrestling matches, brushing teeth, kissing boo-boos, snuggling kids into bed nice and tight, reading bedtime stories and singing the nightly lullaby, all while feeling crappy and blowing my nose...and she misses him. ugh.

I'm gonna go to bed. Maybe I'll snuggle up with my box of Puffs Plus, (with lotion).


A Daring Adventure said...

Hey There!

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today - what you said was so very kind!

As for iweb, Oh. My. Goodness. If you have a mac, I would almost say it is a MUST! Using iweb makes it so very, very easy to work with photos if you are in iphoto or on Aperture.

There are some design differences - some big design differences - between Blogger and iweb, but to me, iweb gives you SO much personal latitude to design what you want and how you want, and it's all without any kind of html code. I would be sunk if iweb used html code, because I don't know any! But I am so very much enjoying iweb... but, then again, I also have paid for the Mobile Me service and I think that also makes iweb much easier to use.

(Mobile Me basically is you paying Apple to keep your information, like pictures and videos, stored on the internet. Paying for this makes iweb even more easy and fun.)

HOWEVER, I will say that iweb takes more time than Blogger, because since iweb offers you a billion ways to make your own site or pages your own, this, of course, leads you into spending more *time* messing with your blog. So one one hand, you have more choices for designs and such, but on the other hand, taking advantage of all that iweb offers totally sucks more time out of your life. Does that make sense? It's a tradeoff.

I was reading through your blog, and my heart goes out to you! I remember when my husband was on his register and we were waiting, waiting, waiting to hear if he was going to make it into a class. You drive yourself INSANE with the numbers... how many in a class? And what number am I on the register? And does that include people who have deferred for any reason? And... and....

Oh yes, I nearly went out of my brain during that time! But it all worked out for us and it will for you, too, so just hang in there!

Denise said...

I ABSOLUTELY second the Puffs Plus with lotion! Those WILL be in our consumables shipment, whenever we get to go overseas.

And I feel ya on the single parenting. Hopefully when your husband is in DC for training, you don't have too much of that. As for specialists training, ug, it's 7 months of mostly unaccompanied.

Hope u feel better soon!